Our Expertise

We have transformed 100's of professional men just like you, from Lawyers working 70 hour weeks to business owners, by helping them regain control over their body shape, energy and productivity.



Flexible Nutrition System

We will create the perfect flexible nutrition structure meaning you never have to compromise social events or travel for your health & fitness.

Time-Saving Structure

Requiring a maximum of 3 hours PER WEEK and 15 minutes food prep, your programme is built around your schedule.

Complete Accountability

We set you daily goals within your training whilst tracking every piece of data in regards to your training and nutrition to hold you to the highest standards.


Damian Gwiazdowski

Honestly can’t recommend enough.

I’ve been training with Alec since April 2023 to gain muscles and build strength and confidence at the gym and have been seeing more and more results each month.

Been getting enormous amounts of compliments from friends, family and strangers and the difference in such short amount of time is outstanding and very noticeable by others.

The programme and nutrition is tailored to me, and always works around any social events etc

If you want noticeable results then I definitely very much recommend training with Alec!

Chris Thomas

I’ve been working with Alec just short of 7 months and the attention to detail he has is incredible, he’s really talented and works incredibly hard to get the results you want.

Working a corporate role I am pushed for time so his approach of being flexible yet firm is really appreciated for me. Keeping me on the path to success and being able to highlight those areas where I’m not so good at. Being able to arrange exercise around working life is such an important thing to be able to do and he helps manage that so well!

Chris Maitland

You are a one of a kind trainer. Not many trainers in the world would do what you would do. You genuinely care for the people in your care.

This isn’t about hitting sales targets etc you really genuinely want people to do their best and feel better about themselves.

The confidence I’ve gained in the past few months has been amazing.

People have commented on me losing weight, shorts I haven’t fitted into in years are now becoming a daily shirt, I’ve been promoted at work 3 times since September, then energy, people commenting on the presence I have now, walking taller so to speak.

I’m braver in rooms with more senior people in. I’ve worked with pts where it’s just about the money or just doing the same session over and over again and nothing changes.

Honestly mate, you have no idea the impact you have had. This little testimonial is the least I could give you!

Frequently Asked Questions


How can you support me online?

We provide all of our clients with a unique accountability and support structure dependant on how they personally work best.

From WhatsApp accountability, coaching calls, weekly progress reports, daily training goal setting and daily data tracking, you will not find a more supportive in-depth programme that ours.

Do you have a results guarantee?

We guarantee every client ABOVE industry standard results or their full investment back with no questions asked.

Client dependant, but a rough estimate for fat loss is 10kg loss in 120 days or your money back or 3kg of lean muscle.

Why should I not get an in-person PT instead?

86% of my clients (and past clients) have all had a PT before and I used to be one myself.

A PT charges per hour in the gym, as soon as the sessions up that's your coaching finished until the next one.

Professional men can count their own reps in the gym, you need the flexible strategy, variable nutrition approach, planning, holistic metric tracking and results guarantee's, not a cheerleader.

If you don't get the results with us, you'll have your investment returned in full immediately, what's the risk?

How long is the programme?

We have an initial period of 4 months where our results guarantee stands, this is how long it takes 90% of men to achieve their initial goal.

It is a rolling monthly coaching after the 4 months if your goals continue to change.

I don't have time/access to a gym, can I still benefit from this?

If you've got a goal, it's our job to engineer the plans you need to succeed.

We have clients who travel every week, training out of hotel gyms, clients who need 30-minute bodyweight workouts between meetings or clients with access to fantastic facilities.

It's our job to engineer your success with the resources that you have.

Can you work with overseas clients?

Another benefit of our coaching model is that we can train clients from any corner of the world at any time.

We've worked with clients from the UK, USA, Dubai, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Mexico and many more.

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